What is Bespoke Process?

Bespoke tailoring is a recognized process that gives complete liberty to the customer, from the color and type of fabric to the handcrafted minute details. High quality Bespoke takes tweaked custom suits to a whole new of level of satisfaction. If you're thinking about getting a Bespoke suit crafted for yourself, the following steps outline all you need to know about the process.
Bespoke tailoring process


The initial part of the process is the selection of fabric. You get the opportunity to select from a vast range of the finest quality fabrics collected from different parts of the world to create the perfect suit. The quality and solace are in your hands, and highly trained professionals will be there to guide you through selecting the best quality and match what you are searching for.
Selection of fabric by Danish M Bespoke


After the fabric is selected, we get to one of the most exciting parts: the customization. You’ll have the opportunity of choosing jacket linings, buttons, buttonhole thread colors, and the style of your suit. We can guarantee that your preferences will be fulfilled and met with our countless available options
Fabric customization by Danish


The next step in making the perfect suit is taking your measurements to ensure everything will fit you precisely. We take around 42 measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Our designers and fit technicians will visit your home or office at your convenience, going an extra mile to make sure your measurements are accurate and the suit fits correctly in every facet.
Measurements by Danish


After the fabric selection, suit style, and measurements, our seasoned master tailors and pattern makers begin to create your suit from the ground up. Each suit is handcrafted with the finest care and quality.


We request around 6 weeks for the delivery from the day your order is placed. However, expedited delivery options are available to meet your desired delivery date.
Blue Coat and Blue Dress pant by Danish M Bespoke


Finally, and most importantly—the client satisfaction. The Bespoke process serves to guarantee every single client isn't just fulfilled, but also astoundingly happy with the final outcome. No matter what adjustments you need, we will be there for you until you are 100% satisfied with the look and fit.
Client satisfaction by Danish

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