Bespoke suiting is a kind of suiting in which the tailor designs customized suiting according to the demand of the user or the customer. With the help of this, the tailor who is a kind of an artist in this field can design complete suiting according to the body shape of the customer which suits the best on one’s body. This is a very precise work that needs an estimation of each part of the value of the body.

            In the early 19th century, the industry which designed the military uniform came with the concept that they should design the customized sizes for the military personnel like the civilian tailor’s industry have worked. As a result of this change, the quality of the military uniforms improved, and they felt more comfortable in customized dresses. This concept was later introduced in many tailor’s shops in which the tailors have designed customized suit pieces for every customer or user. In this way, the customer can manipulate the design if he wants and. As a result, more hybrid designs have come into the market.

Comparison of Customized and Bespoke Suiting      

One thing that must be considered here is that the customized suiting should not be mixed with bespoke suiting. There are a few differences between both the suiting techniques. A few of them are listed below.

  • In the customized suiting process, the tailor will take the measurement of your whole body, and based on this data, he has to decide what kind of garments fit onto your body. In bespoke suiting, the tailor takes your measurements, and you have to choose the design, size, and fitting based on your interest. Although there are some interventions from the tailor as well.
  • The custom suiting is mostly a finished product in a shop. The tailor only finishes according to the demand, body, and size of the customer. On the other hand, in bespoke suiting, there are unstitched suits available and after taking all the measurements the tailor sews for the customer according to the demand of the person.

Features of Ready-to-Wear Suiting

There has always been a comparison between the bespoke suiting and ready-to-wear suiting. Both of these have their perks and disadvantages. Let us have a brief discussion regarding the comparison between two techniques.

  • Ready-to-wear suiting is mostly cheap; as such suits are made in bulk and in the same batch. Mostly there is a single color, and also the tailor does lesser work as he has to stitch the same kind of clothes having same sizes and design.  
  • Such suiting is also easily available. As the design of such suiting is already stocked by different stores. So, one can easily get such suits.
  • Ready-to-wear comes in different sizes. These sizes are generic and don’t consider individual physique. There are fitting issues for such suiting which results in people asking for alterations in the dress. Moreover, the fabric is not customized, so choosing from such suiting according to your demands is a very difficult job.
  • Limited color and variety are available for such clothing options. The designer designs all the stock according to his/her mind. The person who wants to buy such clothes must have to choose from the very few options available.
  • In the same way, ready-to-wear clothing doesn’t have proper finishing most of the times as the clothes are produced in bulk and the tailors didn’t pay any special attention to every cloth. In this way, the final touches in such dressing are ignored.
  • Last but not the least, they are mostly not comfortable as sometimes the dress doesn’t fit properly on the body of the customer.

Features of Bespoke Suiting

In the above listing, some advantages and disadvantages of ready-to-wear clothing have been explained. To compare, a few features of bespoke suiting are listed below.

  • Bespoke suiting provides elegance, grace, and glow to the personality of a person. Since the suit has been stitched according to the physique of the user and with the help of experts the designs are chosen that match the overall personality of the user.
  • One can choose between different fabric stuff, sewing technique, and design alteration in bespoke suiting.
  • There is a various range of color pallets available in such stores. The color can also be chosen according to the personality of the user or the demand of the user.
  • These suiting are mostly very expensive, as the tailor has to provide special attention to every detail. In this way, more hard work is done by the tailor on each suiting. One reason why it is expensive.
  • Such suiting requires time for completion. There are small details on each piece of the suit which must be taken into consideration. This is why this dressing needs special time for completion.
  • The finishing of such a suiting piece is tremendous as the tailors provide special attention because they are paid heavily.
  • Such suiting pieces are very comfortable for the user, as such dresses are made for the physique of that particular customer.

There are different perks and disadvantages of everything in this world. In the same way, both of these techniques that are discussed above have also different points positively and negatively as well. While comparing bespoke suiting to ready-to-wear after all the previous discussion, we have concluded that bespoke suiting is much more fruitful as compared to the former one. The only issue that comes along with the bespoke suiting is the finance, but once the product is ready and the tailor is of high-class, literally every penny is worth it. The product increases the grace and elegance of the personality of a customer exponentially.

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