Bespoke tailoring itself increases the grace of the person and personifies the personality of the customer as the suit is stitched by measuring all the dimensions and curves of the user. To assure proper fitting of the customer, proper tools and workers are assigned so that there can be more precision and accuracy in dresses, and wearing such dresses, will enhance the grace of the user. There should be proper maintenance and take care of such suits as they are not budget-friendly. A normal salaried person can only afford one or two such suits so there must be proper criteria that have to be followed for the look-after of such dresses. One should have proper knowledge about taking good care of your garments especially these expensive bespoke suits. That is the reason such suits should be bought from professional places where they guide you so that the customer can take good care all of suit by himself. As these suits are to wear at special occasions, the customer must have all the knowledge for storing such suits during off-seasons, maintaining these suits, timing of dry cleaning, and even how to iron these suits.

Measures that should be taken for the Preserve of Bespoke suits

There are certain measures which should be kept in mind in order to preserve the suit in its best shape and form. There are some steps which should be taken before buying or ordering such suits. These are to select the best fabric according to the weather in your country; the color of the suit is also one of the most important factors. After taking all these steps following steps must be ensured by the user in order to preserve the suit in its natural form.

  • While purchasing an off-the-rack suit or ordering a bespoke suit, its maintenance procedure should be known so that it will last long in its original shape. The suit should remain clean and stored in a clean place if it is not in use or used occasionally.
  • The body odor, body sprays, and perfumes allow the suit to lose its shape. The suits linger when it is stored without dry cleaning. So dry cleaning is a must factor while storing these suits.
  • The unwanted smells and the stains on your suits should be removed regularly and as soon as possible. It will help the suit to go longer.
  • The suit should not be dry clean more often as it may break down the quality of the fabric no matter how strong the fabric is. So, dry clean your suit only when it is needed.
  • Proper laundering of your suits avoids the larvae to hatch on them. Dirty suits are the ideal place for the larvae to hatch around them and hence disturb the shape of the suit and the suit remains of no use.
  • One should go for natural solutions like critters, or lavenders so that there should not be a chance for such creatures to hatch there or make their living around your fabric. Some precautionary measures must be considered while taking such steps e.g., keep the children away from such suits where you have placed such solutions like lavenders etc. otherwise it will create breathing problems for the children.
  • One should place the suits in the proper place. If the customer is planning for the off-season storing of the suits, then it is necessary to place them in closet space. The suits which you are not using should be forced to retire. In this way, there will be more space in your wardrobe which allows other fabrics to breathe more and hence the shape of the suit remain preserved.
  • The places at which you can store your suits so that they will remain in their original condition must have some necessary features. It must be properly cooled and ventilated place. A clean and conditioned place is ideal for storing dress shirts, the fabrics related to leather should be placed where there is no chance of harmful debris to attack them.
  • To avoid general wear and tear, some steps are really important. The user must use brushes to brush the pockets, lapels, ties, and collars frequently. This will increase the life of the suits and especially dress shirts if there is a stain on your suit or a shirt, blot them immediately rather than rubbing it.
  • Creased suits can do well in a humid environment. so, it is better to vaporize these suits in your bathroom with light water. It helps to preserve its shape and the life of the suit increases.
  • The bespoke suit should be allowed to rest as wearing the same suit for two days can cause damage to the fabric.
  • Always use proper hangers for hanging the jackets of the suit. Even your dress shirts, and creased pants should be hung properly. In this way, it will preserve the dope of the suit.
  • Ironing the suits, dress shirts, and trousers for such bespoke suits should be performed by proper professionals. In this way, the suit can remain longer in its natural position as such suits are expensive and a normal person can afford only one or two throughout his whole life.
  • Another point that should be kept in mind while storing these suits especially during off-seasons is that the pockets of such suits should remain empty otherwise it can cause damage to your suits.

Here at Danish M, bespoke we have professional workers who will guide the customers on how to preserve the natural look of the suits. A proper guideline is given to each individual separately. In this way, the suits can last longer and serve for more than 5 years to the user if good care is taken. Each fabric has its own taking-care process which is guided to the customer at the time of delivery and measurements. Apart from that, we have other stuff including dry cleaning of your suits professionally and ironing of your dress shirts.