When talking about custom-made clothes or bespoke clothes, the word which instantly comes in your mind is “expensive” but now it is time to burst this illusionary bubble. These clothes last years and showcase your personality and your distinct sense of style. There are many advantages of custom-made clothing including, the perfect or maximum fit, the material used is of high quality, you can design your suit according to your taste, and they last longer. Bespoke suits are perfect for every man. There are many styles that can add charm and elegance to their personality. Bespoke suits and other clothing allow you to create an individual aura of fashion and styling among others.

Buying your first bespoke suit can be a daunting task, you may come across different thoughts and it is normal for a first-timer. But, do not worry as you all know that each and every detail is provided by you (it depends on your given measurements) to your tailor, so no worries. The second thing you may worry about is the way tailoring is done but do not worry because your suit undergoes many steps before the final result. Bespoke suits are better than off the rack suits. Your tailor will make a lot of measurements in order to design what you exactly want which includes the neck, right and left sleeves, waist, front and back chest, full chest, bicep, half shoulder/full shoulder, wrist, front jacket, trouser, and crotch.


There are many suit styles like American, This style features one center vent and no shoulder pads. Saville Row is a style that comes from England and contributes a lot more to accentuate a man’s shape. This style also features higher arms, carved shoulders and double vents. The Italian suit closely fits a man and is meant for someone who wants to show off their physique. This style features a suppressed waist, no vents, and padded shoulders. The Athletic suit is designed for a man with a developed upper body who needs more space in the jacket without a proportionally larger trouser size. It is a new style.


Now coming towards the buttons, a single breast suit has two or three buttons while a double breast suit has four to six buttons. Many jackets have two to six buttons on the sleeve. Off the rack, suits feature these buttons as a form of decoration (just to appeal the customers), but they can function on a bespoke suit. With functioning jacket sleeve buttons you can easily roll up your sleeves without taking off your jacket. Buttonholes are available in three main shapes: bar-tacked, rounded-end, and keyhole. A bar-tacked is a casual, quick rectangle. A rounded end is oval-shaped and easier to accomplish with hand sewing than a bar-tacked. A keyhole shape is a rectangle with a small circle at one end to insert the button.


Pockets have developed into different styles like, Bellows- Accordion-style pleated pockets, Piped- The fabric is folded at the opening to emphasize the pocket, flapped Besom- This is a pocket with a flap which can be tucked away, chest- The pocket found exclusively on the left breast, flap- A pocket with a flap, hacking- A pocket cut at an angle, Patch- Seams show on this pocket giving it a patch appearance, Slant- This is often an angled besom pocket, Ticket- A small pocket as the size of a ticket on the right side.


Dress Trousers are designed to sit at the waist which can range anywhere from your natural waistline to just above your navel. You just have to ensure that your trousers have enough space when standing up, sitting down or cross-legged.


Coming to the body types, heavier men should opt for pleated pants and a three-button jacket, which adds height. Avoid spread collars, wide lapels, and wide tie knots. A thin man should choose a single-breast, two or three-button jacket with padded shoulders, wide lapels and vents. Heightened men should opt for a two or three-button, single-breasted jacket. Looser, straighter fitting jackets having squared shoulders will make height seem more proportional. A wider cuff on pant legs will help your body seem proportional as well. Short men can look taller with a two or three-button, single-breasted jacket with side or center vents, and patterns like vertical pinstripes, herringbone, and chalk stripes. A medium trouser break or narrower cuff will also help them look more proportional.

Danish M. Bespoke provides you the best tailoring experience. The suggestions given above are for the ease of our customers. Bespoke suits are no doubt the best one and gives you the desired result.