Bespoke clothing is considered to be individual’s first preference because they get what they want. This custom clothing keeps in consideration your individual body shape, wear preference, and overall sense of style. Once you wear custom clothes, you will learn the difference between ready-made clothes and bespoke tailored clothing.


A suit is a pair of jacket and trousers of the same cut, made from the same fabric, and intended to be worn together. A suit is more than just a clothing for men. Men’s suit describes their lifestyles, make them look quite distinguished and gives them the reason to show their presence among others. A suit add charm to the personality of men. Most experts think that there are three types of style for a suit named after the countries in which they originated and they are English style, typified by soft, unpadded shoulders, a long, hourglass body with a high waist, either double or single breasted, with two or three buttons and side vents. Continental style epitomized by a lightweight construction, squared & high shoulders, a short close-fitting single-breasted body, with two buttons and no vent. A natural-shoulder suit with a straight and somewhat roomier body, two or three-buttons, and a back vent.


When talking about suits one should not forget about the color which is the most important factor. Usually, first impressions are the most powerful and it confirms that the choice of colors is not a decision to be made lightly. Men have to choose the colors according to the circumstances. Black, navy and gray are the traditional colors for business suits. Brown is another popular color for men’s suit good for a business wear and also casual wearing. The choice of colors also depends on the change of seasons, like in summer you wear brighter colors and in winters you wear darker colors.


Bespoke suits are made with best quality fabrics. It is completely in the hands of the customer to choose the fabric, color, design, and style. The customer’s first preference always rely on the quality of fabric, so no need to worry because they get the opportunity to select from the vast range of finest quality fabric collected from different parts of the world. You’ll have the opportunity of choosing jacket linings, buttons, button holes thread colors and the style of your suit. Indeed, the bespoke suits require the skills of expert tailors to give them a detailed look. Measurements are also required for making a suit just to ensure that it fits you perfectly. Each suit is handcrafted with the finest care and quality.

As I’ve already mentioned that suit styling is completely up to the customers. They can be their own suit stylists. Now, when styling a suit there are many considerations that are put forth by the customer from jacket styles to buttons and slack styles. It is entirely up to the customers whether they want jacket style to be single breasted or double breasted, jacket fit and cut to be tapered, slim or comfortable, whether they want the jacket lining and pocket square. Customers are also given with the jacket button options (horn, brass or fabric), jacket lapel style and width, jacket pocket styles. Customers can even choose the color of the buttonholes thread. (Reinforced stitching/sweat guards etc.). The slack styles if they want pleated or non-pleated, slack hem (cuffed or non-cuffed), they can choose the slack pocket styles of front and back, slack fit and cut (tapered, slim and comfortable), gripper inside the waist band, crotch guard, heel guards etc. all of our customizable styling details at no additional cost.

Bespoke suits are an epitome of perfection for men having distinct sense of fashion and styling