In the past we have seen many fashion styles and icons that developed their place and were worth around the community. With the time, trends and styles change themselves and they keep on improvising.

Here at Danish M. bespoke we offer you the styles that not only suit you but they change the personality by adding something extra to it. This takes commitment, passion, hard work and enthusiasm to add something important to the personality.

Every year brings back some blasts from the past or can have something new introduced to the people to grasp it. Some get acceptation while some bite the dust. With a lot of time spent indoors and everyone just trying to get out to their normal routine after few years of pandemic, everyone is trying to have a grasp to wear the way they think they want to. As a result, a few styles that are around can be seen and understood easily. Its time everyone is starting to think about their bodies. They want to pump some muscles have good biceps, triceps and calves’ muscles. This leads to the custom tailored suits. The suits that are proper body fitted that enhance your look. Here at Danish M. bespoke, the ideas about your customization are taken seriously and are crafted with good care.

Casual Suits

The suit is a must component in one’s wardrobe. Whether you need to go to a party or an office meeting, suit is that one thing which you can carry almost everywhere. They are receiving improvisation in styling and designing day by day. Day by day with passing years’, men’s wear is getting more and more casual. They now have more room for experimentation rather than being just repeating themselves. The casual suits are getting in that give a totally different look.

They not only just help you in having a good look and style, but it helps you to maintain your comfort level too because at times it gets difficult wearing and repeating. Casual suits are mostly light weight suits that are made with fabrics like cotton and linen. The mostly have two button jacket and are not skin-fit.

While carrying casual suits, you can wear a pair of white sneakers, loafers, boots or Chelsea’s to complete the look. White sneakers are too much around because they have become too much attractive. They can be carried with any type of casual suit and they will not only enhance the look but will give an extra added feature. Chelsea’s on the other hand can’t be ruled out of the picture because in the casual suits they give a look of their own that can’t be matched.   

Jackets Styles

Jackets styles are in that gives you style and an extra added feature in your arsenal. We here at Danish M. bespoke offer different styles of jackets along with the fabric of your choice.

You could have a light and a dark color jacket. Those will match with the pair you have either light or dark. The jacket could be single or double breasted having a jacket fit and cut tapered, slim or comfortable. Jacket lining and pocket square adds extra shape to the jacket while jacket buttons have options like horn and brass. Moreover, your lapel style, width, pocket styles, buttonholes with styles, reinforced stitching and sweat guards just help you carry your style and comfort to a next level.

The jackets can be worn anywhere and at any event. It can be styled in any way you want and helps you transform your look in just a moment to a whole new multitude. They look great on both muscular and lean bodies.


In the areas where winter is around, it allows you to do a lot of experimentation. For an instance, topcoats are an essential part of your wardrobe. Topcoat not only works as a value-added feature for your personality but it also helps you to maintain your comfort level too.

In terms of style, there are a lot of possibilities that can be introduced in a topcoat starting from single breasted to double breasted and much more.  


Vests works as a supplement in styling your personality. They just help you get a formal look as well as casual look as per your requirement or as per the requirement of your surroundings. In summer when you need a formal look but the heat of the surrounding isn’t letting you carry your jacket, you just go for vests. Keeping in mind they add a nice look if you have some extra muscles up your sleeves. If you have a lean body should prefer jackets or customized tailored vests.


Light color suits are in for fashion these days. Grey, beige and blue colored combinations are very attractive and are trending these days. The suit has some essential components including pocket squares, ties watches and cufflinks. They just complete the whole look with the suit. The tie style is always an important factor while carrying a suit. Slim ties are in and youngsters and teenagers prefer them but in plain-colored styles. Floral and plaid styles do look good depending on the event and scenarios. Tie styles these days are neither too wider nor too skinny. 

Smart watch has its own look but you do not wear them while carrying a suit. A simple classical watch will suffice while carrying a suit.

The look can never be completed without the shoes one is carrying. The classical look can be seen through brogues, derby’s or oxfords.

Navy blue, gray and beige color suits plain and checked are in order. Navy blue suit with brown shoes and belt are very classy. They complete the outlook even if you don’t want to carry the whole suit e.g., without tie.

Tuxedos these days are fully getting back to its origination point i.e., full black combination. We have seen multiple-colored tuxedos over the years but a full black tuxedo with full fledge shinny shoes will always slay the party.