Meaning of the word Bespoke:

The word bespoke is adapted from the verb meaning “to speak for something”.  Actually, bespoke refers to “custom-made” based on the designs given by the customers. It can also be used to describe the person or people from a particular company that makes custom based products, as in bespoke tailoring. A bespoke craftsman likes a tailor designs clothes which are specially ordered by the customers according to the designs, styles, and measurements given to them. In simple language, we can say that designed by you and stitched by the tailor. Now, what is better than bespoke or custom-made products or clothes? You get your desired result!


Let’s talk about Bespoke tailoring which evolved over the course of history. When there were no sewing machines in the 18th century, all of the clothes were designed and sewn by hands. However, the perfect or desired fit is attained only by bespoke tailoring. Before tailoring came, clothes were only seen as objects only to cover your body. Starting from the middle ages to the 18th century, tailors created their own clothing patterns with the methods which were their trade secrets. A large number of shirt makers, vest makers, pant makers, coat makers used to work from their homes in the East End which was crowded with bespoke tailors. But as the world of art and culture developed, tailoring became a way to enhance the human form. Tailors changed the perception of clothing, they were no longer viewed as a necessity but as a form of expression, style, and personality. It was also the beginning of what we now call ‘fashion’.

Men’s clothing throughout the eighteenth century underwent several changes compared to the opulent and lavish designs of men’s clothing within the seventeenth century. Vibrant colors, striking embroidery, the expensive lace utilized in jabots and cuffs, and buttons, which were a crucial fashion point, were indispensable as finishing touches for stylish men of the Rococo era. Within the eighteenth century, it had been in men’s clothing that the aesthetic potential of embroidery came to the fore.

Modernization of bespoke tailoring:

Modern-day bespoke tailoring also uses the old techniques and apart from all the developments in technology, this is still considered as a highly-skilled form of tailoring. In this modern era of fashion and styling, where ready-made clothing is dominating the industry, the role of a tailor is essentially increasing. Why? Because bespoke or custom-made clothes are a must contribution in this regard. There are many advantages of wearing bespoke tailored clothing because it provides you the perfect fit and the desired result and also gives you a traditional and a modern bespoke look. It gives us the freedom to have our own dressing sense.

Bespoke clothing, nowadays is considered to be something of a higher-class service, sought out by those who wanted a truly unique fit. People are also noticing the subtle, yet important, difference bespoke tailoring can make. Bespoke products are manufactured or designed according to your given instructions, as I have already mentioned above that your sense of styling speaks much more about your personality and sense of fashion or styling. Nothing can compete the quality of a bespoke product. There is bespoke furnishing, bespoke jewelry, bespoke wardrobe, and many other things.

Bespoke suits:

Modern bespoke suits have adopted traditional techniques with a blend of modern techniques to give them more versatile, trendy, and classy styles and colors. Today, most men are opting to go for custom-made or bespoke suits with dynamic and modern styles.

Bespoke tailoring is time-saving, and it also gives you a better and comfier fit. It also involves a great relationship with the tailor. He’ll be your partner in creating your desired suit. Tailors make the measurements of chest, waist, arms, legs, back, shoulders to make sure that the clothing fits right. They also have to check for the side and front balance. They will use these details to craft a pattern of a garment.

Bespoke products are no doubt the best choice for today’s modern people. Bespoke tailoring is the best choice in the fashion industry.